Inspired Beauty Looks, Spring '23

Inspired Beauty Looks, Spring '23

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year. Nature changes colors, it is such a refreshing time. The warm sunshine melts away our winter blue. Not only does the natural beauty unfold around us, but so does our own. Spring is the perfect time to invest in yourself with new beauty looks and trends.


If you want to make your spring makeup and beauty looks really stand out, put your own unique spin on these 2020 spring trends: 


Wet-look lips and Neon eye shadows - Gloss has been slowly clawing its way back onto lips over the last few seasons, and for 2020 it seems set to become a staple once more. Euphoria-worthy experimental eye make-up is spring/summer 2020's stand-out trend. If you like to your look without much effort. Try the Port Noir Juicy Shine lipstick from Nuest for a classic cranberry, or a Sweet Berry Diamond Shine to add an extra bit of sparkle to your spring look.

Images via @jamescharles on Instagram

James Charles is a perfect example of how this trend has transformed through the years. The photo to the left is his first spring look. The look features matching dark cranberry lips with a beautiful multi-tonal berry eyeshadow. In the right photo, he uses a deep nude tone with a simple eye look to bring out the warm tones in his natural lips and complexion. 


Orange lips with gold shimmer - It is time to brighten things up a bit with color. Orange is a bold lip color that is often reserved for spring and summer. By matching the magic blooming outside and pairs well with shimmery gold eyeshadow. While an orange and gold color palette may not be your go-to, this combo can be fun for fall photos. Nude lipsticks work well with orange and gold eyeshadow looks, as does a touch of contouring and highlighting using products from the Nuest Chic2Cheek Cushion Compact collection. 



Nuest girls showed off a beautifully blended shadow look featuring bright yellows, oranges, and other warm red tones. Jaclyn paired the bright spring-inspired shadow with a nude lip, letting her artistry in the eyes show off. You can pull off a similar look with Nuest nude lip shades and a bit of practice with shadows. 

 Everyday dewy glow - Fall and winter bring dryness of the skin, which can lead to a dull or flaky complexion. However, with new season approaching with new spring look, you can combat this by implementing a spring dewy glow using Nuest Magical Jelly Highlighters. These highlighters are easy to apply and can be used on the brow bone, in the corners of the eyes, and on the cheeks. They can also be used to add a bit of shine to lipstick. This will make you stand out among the crowd with skin that looks summer-good in the fall. 


Image via @nikkietutorials on Instagram

 Nikkie de Jager, known for her YouTube channel Nikkie Tutorials, does a fabulous job of bringing out her spring glow.

 For more influencer inspiration, check out the Nuest blog along with some of our winter sales, coming soon! 

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