Chic 2 Chic Review by iiheartbeauty

Chic2Cheek Sheer Glow Cushion Foundation from Nuest Cosmetics are aimed at solving two common problems that foundation is best at fixing up. When I’m about to apply an intricate pattern or want a subtle look, the last thing I want to do is fight uneven skin tone or that one little blemish that picked today of all days to come out!! Uh, I mean, I like to have a nice, natural look before applying make up for the day.

The Chic2Cheek “Color Correcting” formula does a great job of evening out my color and hiding a red spot or two. There are three subtle shades which can be used to cancel out any undesired coloration, and these shades are designed to go under the Cushion foundation that is included.

The foundation is vegan and it is cruelty-free. It comes with some cute stickers so that you can give it your own individual look, and besides, sometimes it’s fun to just play a little.

The other foundation I’m trying from Nuest Cosmetics is their “Photo Finish Rose Primer”. The primer is used underneath the foundation, and it acts as a barrier between your skin and all the makeup. It helps protect against clogged pores and breakouts. It’s very easy to use, too. Just use the included sponge and apply the primer evenly, wait for it to set, and then apply the foundation. It has a flawless look which is perfect for selfies and IG.

Some days you need a bit of color correction, and the Nuest Chic2Cheek Color Correcting Foundation is perfect for that. Some days you’re so happy with your skin, and you want to make sure you protect it from getting clogged or blemished, and for that day Nuest Chic2Cheek Photo Finish Rose Primer is the best choice.

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