Coming soon! Jelly Highlighter

Here at NUEST, we’re constantly on a mission to make beauty more democratic! It’s your voice and creativity that inspires and drives us to be inventive! So when we heard your ideas about a gooey magical cream that’ll make your face glow, we had to take on the challenge. And now, we are beyond excited to announce that it was a success and introduce to you our MAGICAL JELLY HIGHLIGHTERS!

Available in 5 different colors, this quick-drying, water baed, holographic gel applies on easily and creates an extra dewy glow wherever and whenever you want! The innovative jelly shimmies and shakes, bringing a pretty and playful brilliance to all skin tones! The fabulously tinted highlighting gel uses pearl and mica-based shimmers in the formula to creates an unstoppable shine. whether you’re using it to warm up the eyes or accentuate the cheekbones, it will last all day and night!

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