Do you know how much bacteria is on your product?

Makeup. it’s an incredible, fun and life changing creation that was made for women all around the world so that they could show a side of themselves that can’t be revealed naturally It’s an art!

But let’s get real for one minute, it can be a little gross. 

Anytime you reach into your makeup bag to pick up a brush or that one eyeliner that you lost the cap to months ago, you’re transferring any dirt or organism living on your skin to that product. While I’d love to believe that you wash your hands before you pickup a brush AND wash your sponges and brushes EVERY TIME you use them…. that’s probably not the case, is it?

Now don’t freak out.  We’re not saying the bacteria is going to kill you! Most of it is actually just coming naturally from your skin and it can be maintained with the right cleaning habits! But if you aren’t cleaning those products, you’re allowing bacteria, viruses and fungi to grow which is not just putting you at risk for health problems, it’s dirtying and infecting that beautiful face that you work so hard to make glow! So at the end of the day, what’s more important to you? The incredible concealer you just bought to cover your pimple or just getting rid of what’s causing the pimple to be there in the first place!

 The moral of the story is this: CLEAN YOUR PRODUCTS or better yet, get products that are easy to clean and keep bacteria away like our SiliSponges! One quick rinse with makeup remover or hand soap and these babies are sparkling clean again. That’s not all, thanks to the silicone surface, these can’t steal your makeup or trap liquid inside! So not only are you keeping germs and bacteria away, you’re also saving yourself some product and what could be better than that!


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