For months now, we’ve been using the snow as an excuse to stay inside bundled up rewatching that Friends episode where Ross and Rachel break up.In other words, WE WERE ON A BREAK from anything that pertains to our physical appearance such as hair and makeup. But now, Winter is coming to an end, and it’s time to go back outside and play, so we’ve got you covered here with all of the Beauty INS and OUTS you’ll want to know for Spring 2018…

IN: A POP of Color!

Maybe you noticed during Fashion Week or Award Season that almost every A-List Celebrity had at least one bright color on their eyes, lips, cheeks, nails or hair!

If you didn’t notice, don’t worry, we did, and we’ll tell you all about how you can do this look and do it right, as we’re all about having fun with makeup while maintaining a chic appearance.

The secret to creating a Pop of Color that’s just right is minimalism. You want to make your entire look simple, neutral and clean. Be as minimalistic as possible and then, BAM add a pop of color to the area of your choice!

Most likely it’ll be on the eyes with your shadow and liner or on the lips, but don’t be afraid to mix up the game.

IN: My Lip Gloss Is Poppin, My Lip Gloss Is Cool

Guess who’s back in trend?
That’s right. Winter is gone and so are your chapped lips!

Your favorite lip gloss that was held so sacredly in your 7th grade Lisa Frank pencil bag is making its comeback, and we’re pumped about it.

It may have something to do with all of us wanting a taste of the delicious flavors… but most likely, it’s actually because of the natural highlighting dewy glow it leaves. Perfect for Spring.

IN: Black Liquid Eyeliner

Was this ever not in? Doubt it.

But just in case you missed it before, here it is again, and this time it’s bolder than ever, so don’t be afraid to make those lines extra thick and shapey!

IN: Glow Baby Glow!

Whether you’re going for a natural glow or full highlight glam, we support you, and this trend till the end!

Put it on your eyes, your lips, your cheekbones and your nose. This Spring, we want to see you with glow from head to toe!

OUT: Chunky Eyebrows

Not going to lie, we’ve never been a huge fan of the drawn on eyebrow look so this natural eyebrow trend has our full support.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for filling the brows with a powder if you need to and keeping the natural thickness if you got it! It’s those rectangle sharpie looking eyebrows that we are not so sad to see go.

OUT: Overdrawn Lips

If you got them, flaunt them! But you’re gonna have to stop drawing them. Like the eyebrows, it’s over.

OUT: Cakey Face

Throw out your heavy, think foundation and grab something that’s more light and refreshing! If you haven’t caught on yet, the big trend this spring is to have a natural glow that is in fact, not actually natural. What this means for you is that you no longer have to worry about sweating off foundation or contour onto all of your shirts.


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