Raleigh Lilith Reviews Magical Jelly Pink Luster!

“Ever since I saw these come out, I have been so so so excited about them. SO, I got one of my own… I’ve never used a Jelly Highlighter before and I LOVE IT so much!”


“This is my raw reaction to using this highlighter.. Oh My Gosh this Highlighter is AMAZING! I even ended up using it as part of my eyeshadow because it made it pop so much more! If you see on the sides when I’m putting it on it just applies so easily it goes on so smooth without any creases and it goes so so well with this purple Galaxy Look I have going on!”



“As you guys can see, ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with this Jelly Highlighter. Honestly I didn’t think I was going to like it to be fair. But I don’t own any Jelly Highlighters and I own pretty much every makeup product out there so I really wanted to test this out. And honestly, this is going to be a daily favorite of mine I’m probably even going to keep it with my everyday makeup just because it looks so good with this look and I’ve started doing this look a lot more frequently…”


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