Our Story

At Nuest, we want you to feel like it’s your birthday everyday. Nuest products are designed with unexpected details and luxurious formulas to pamper your and put a smile on your face no matter what day it is. Since Nuest was born, we have been committed to developing high quality, innovative beauty products made with integrity. Our cruelty-free formulas feel light and silky. Our beauty tools blend and smooth effortlessly. We achieve these delightful results from our very own state of the art manufacturing facility.

Because we have the unique ability to turnaround new ideas directly from the source, we don’t jut listen to your feedback, we actually apply your feedback. What’s the point of filling out all of those surveys and questionnaires if you don’t see any change? We couldn’t be here without our loyal followers. So we want you to stay in touch and go on this journey of life together as friends. You’ll always have a VIP invitation from us. So let’s make a toast to us, health, happiness and never-ending supply for fun beauty products!