Silisponge LOL – Laugh Out Loud


LOL, I am cracking up over how ‘Sili’ I am.

They don’t call me the Silisponge for nothing. I’m actually made of non-porous silicon and what that will do for your skin and your pocketbook is no laughing matter. While my expression may make you giggle, you’ll appreciate that I’m flexible, easy to clean and won’t soak up all your product. No more frowning watching your makeup go down the drain or using dirty brushes and sponges.

Silisponge Features:

• Non-absorbent- save money using less product
• Made of hypoallergenic, cruelty-free silicone
• Flexible, teardrop shape for hard to reach areas
• Easy to clean, rinse and reuse – the planet will love you

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