The Beginners Guide To Creating The Perfect Festival Look

Yet again, Coachella 2018 has come and gone but one thing is for sure, it will NOT be forgotten! Even us who didn’t attend are still 1) rewatching Queen B’s groundbreaking performance, 2) Admiring how pregnant Cardi B is still be a better dancer than us and 3) Non- stop scrolling through the Revolve, Fenty and Puma Instagram Feeds to see our favorite Bloggers complete looks!

Needless to say, the bar has been set high for festival season and tickets are selling faster than ever for upcoming shows like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Governors Square Ball! Lucky for you, we’ve got some experience when it comes to creating Festival Looks and are here to help all you ticket holders complete yours with this list of 2018 Festival Trends!

Hair Glitter: Glitter is always going to be everywhere at festivals but this year, we’re seeing it in a new place and that is on the roots or your hair. Personally, we LOVE this look and how practical it is for festivals because when it comes to packing for festivals you want to be extremely efficient and pack light. Literally all you need for this look is glitter, hair gel, a bowl and a mixing brush! You simply pour the glitter into the bowl, add in hair gel and MIX! Once it’s mixed, apply the jelly to your roots and you’re done. So easy! And if your not one for arts and craft, you have plenty of options on Amazon!

Double High Buns: It took awhile but this trend has officially grown on us! In fact, I don’t know what I’ll do when it goes out of style because it’s so dang convenient for us girls with thick girl. If you really want to go above and beyond with this look, we recommend going with a half up- half down, double high bun look and THEN combine it with some curls and hair glitter on the roots. 

Stick On Rhinestones: Time to dig up your Lisa Frank sticker books and fake press on earrings from Claire’s, Stick On Rhinestones are BACK! We saw them make an appearance during Fall Fashion Week, so it’s actually no surprise that they were EVERYWHERE at Coachella this year. Now if you don’t have your collection from when you were five years old, you can find a ton of long lasting face jewels on Amazon for a very low price.

Face Highlighter: Last but certainly not least, HIGHLIGHTER. Put it on the nose, on the cheekbones, above the eyes, on the shoulders… everywhere! And most importantly, get one that can stay on for hours, withstand all kinds of weather conditions and isn’t going to be annoyingly sticky. Don’t know where to find this magical item? Well, we’ve got a few influencers on our blog who would agree with us when we say, we’ve got you covered! ;)Our NEW Magical JellyHighlighters have 1) Been proven to stay on your skin all day  2) Can withstand all kinds of weather due to their Jelly texture and 3) Aren’t annoyingly sticky because they are water-based! 

So what are you waiting for? Go kill it this Festival Season!


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