Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

The Valentine is in full swing, which means it's time to think about shopping for love one (and not just for yourself!) As you start brainstorming gift ideas and checking friends off your list, think of Nuest. We have plenty of great gifts and stocking stuffers for every makeup and beauty enthusiast in your life. 


The past decade has been a major movement for men’s makeup outside the realm of drag. More and more men feel confident to try makeup for themselves or to at least invest in proper skincare to look and feel their best. Here’s what you can get your boyfriend, best friend, son, or any important man in your life that will up his skincare game tenfold:


A good quality face wash - Even men who don’t wear makeup need a high-quality face wash. Washing the face daily reduces the chance of breakouts and flakiness due to a lack of exfoliation. Unfortunately, many don’t invest in this essential skincare product. Help him out by finding a great men’s facial cleanser. Most major beauty brands carry a facial cleanser formulated for men’s skin health. This will help any guy with the first step to achieving perfect skin. 


Highlighter - Makeup enthusiasts, regardless of gender, all love highlighter. It makes you feel confident and glowing, and your photos extra snatched. If your man is just getting into makeup, he can experiment with a highlighter for the cheeks, eyes, brows, or mix it in with his moisturizer for an all-over glow. Nuest Jelly Highlighters are perfect for any makeup enthusiast. They can be applied with the fingers which make experimentation easy and fun. Plus, they are long-lasting and come in five different colors


Moisturizer with SPF - Many of us don’t moisturize every day, which can cause detrimental effects on our complexion. Whether your man wears makeup or not, they need to moisturize and protect their skin from damaging sun rays every day. Shop for a quality moisturizer with sun protection benefits to help him protect his face from damage and dryness. 


Nuest Silisponge makeup applicator - If the man you have in mind loves makeup, he will love this Silisponge Makeup Applicator from Nuest. This hypoallergenic and teardrop-shaped makeup applicator makes it easy to blend hard-to-reach places, plus it is eco-consciously produced just like the rest of Nuest Cosmetics products. Even if he doesn’t wear makeup, he can use this to apply moisturizer, sunscreen, or serums with ease. 


These three products will make any man in your life more excited about his facial care routine. Whether he simply wants a better complexion or could use an upgrade in his makeup collection, shop Nuest for the best products available. Follow us to stay up to date on holiday sales coming soon!

What Do Your Pores Tell You About Your Skin?

We’ve all heard about pores, but do you know what they do or why they’re important? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is “no” for many. Pore health is incredibly important to complexion. It can determine how good your makeup looks, and how your skin behaves. Here’s what you need to know about pores to better understand your skin care needs. 


What are Pores?

Pores are small openings on the skin that allow oil and sweat to leave the body. As oil and sweat accumulate in your glands, they have to have a way to escape (because if they don’t they cause pimples). There are different kinds of pores on your face that perform different functions. 


Oil pores are the pores that contain hair follicles. They release sebum and naturally produced oils in the skin in order to keep it clean and blemish-free. These are the pores that are the focus of skincare treatments, because when they clog with oil and dirt they can cause imperfections in the complexion. Sweat pores are much smaller, and therefore less likely to cause visible skin problems. 


Acne and other skin disorders are often caused by issues within the pore. When a pore functions properly, it has no problem removing oil, dirt, and dead cells from the surface of the skin. However, sometimes these impurities can get trapped inside the hair follicle, causing breakouts. A blocked pore will cause serious damage if left unchecked, which is why you want to prevent breakouts before they happen. 


How To Care For Your Pores

Many people believe that in order to have a healthy complexion, you must minimize the size of pores or stop sebum production entirely. However, what you actually want is to help the pores function properly, which includes producing sebum and getting rid of it in a healthy way. 


In order for you to best care for your pores, you must remember to wash and exfoliate regularly. Washing the skin will help you to remove excess dirt and oil that comes out of the pores, while exfoliation will help to remove dead skin cells from the surface. Combined, these actions will help you to keep your pores from becoming clogged.  


If the problem persists, you may need to talk to a dermatologist about specialized acne treatments or other skincare treatments such as microdermabrasion. Some people are genetically predisposed to issues with clogged pores, and should seek help from a specialist. Specialized exfoliation treatments such as microdermabrasion and exfoliating facials may be available from a local esthetician or cosmetologist. These treatments may provide a non-prescription alternative to serious acne issues. 


Nuest Cosmetics wants to help you achieve flawless skin from the inside out. Stay up to date on our blog for more skincare information and helpful tips. Not only do we provide information on the latest makeup trends, but will help you look and feel good in your skin without makeup. 


Follow us today for more skincare news and sales!

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